General conditions:

The programs contained in this site are organised by Douro Acima - Transportes, Turismo e Restauração, Lda., in relation to tourist circuits and cruises with tourist entertainment; and by Issimo- Sociedade Comercial e Hoteleira, Lda., in relation to catering and events. Both companies have registered office at Rua dos Canastreiros, 40/42; 4050 – 149 Porto.

Contracted Services
Onshore meals, local guides, providers of transport services (e.g. buses, trains, etc.), transfers of any type and other necessary services are contracted from third parties. Thus, in providing these services, Douro Acima, Lda. only acts as a sales agent and is not responsible for any claims against these entities that result from lawsuits.

The prices on this website are correct at the time of its update. However, they may be subject to alteration if substantial variations occur in the external costs components unconnected to Douro Acima, Lda. For the long cruises (Douro Cruises), children aged 4-12 years have a 50% reduction. Prices include VAT (at the statutory rate in force).

Bookings are deemed to be those formalised in writing and confirmed in writing by Douro Acima, Lda. Bookings will only be considered effective after payment of 50% of the total agreed amount and receipt of proof of payment. 30% must be paid 30 days before the cruise and the other 20% paid within 5 business days prior to the service. Douro Acima, Lda. reserves the right to cancel any booking that infringes the terms described above, without necessarily having to warn those that made the booking. Once the booking is made, cancellation costs will apply in the total amount equal to that already paid to Douro Acima, Lda. before cancellation notification is received by Douro Acima, Lda. Non-appearance on the day of departure entails the loss of the total booking amount.

Cancellation, delay or alteration to cruise routes
Douro Acima, Lda. reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the route of any trip for any reason, including, but not limited to: Climatic conditions; earthquakes; bad weather; floods; medical emergency; mechanical problems; strike or work stoppage at the site; local holidays; chartering of the vessel; insufficient bookings; factors that restrict or prevent river navigation; and other reasons, without penalty to Douro Acima, Lda.

Complaints or reimbursements
Complaints and refunds will only be considered when submitted in writing by the complainant to Douro Acima, Lda., and received within 6 days of the service having ended. It is hereby defined and agreed that any dispute will be settled in the District Court of Porto, with express waiver of any other.

Pets are not allowed on the vessels of Douro Acima, Lda. Guide dogs and other animals for personal support will be authorised and will be subject to specific coordination at the time of booking.

Onboard meal service
The meals are only deemed to be included when described in the respective programs acquired. House wine and water is included whenever lunch or dinner on board is established and only for the duration of the respective services (only with Douro Acima, Lda.). All other beverages must be purchased and paid for directly at the bar of the vessel. The on board currency is the Euro.

Minimum number of participants
The operation of the cruises will always depend on the minimum number of participants. A minimum number of 6 passengers is defined for the Six Bridges Cruise, 20 for Cruises with Lunch or Dinner and 25 passengers for all other cruises.

Smoking policy
Smoking anywhere in the indoor facilities of the vessels is not allowed. The smoking of cigars, cigarettes and pipes only is allowed on the outside deck. Failure to comply with these rules will be punishable under Law No. 37/2007 of 14 August.

Specific conditions
For any option directly contracted by companies, groups and others, for which Douro Acima, Lda. needs to subcontract external services, the provisions of Decree-Law No. 221/85 of 3 July will apply with respect to VAT (Private Arrangements for Tourist Organizers).

City Sightseeing Portugal
- The Ticket is valid on the City Sightseeing Portugal circuit for 24 hours after first use, allowing an unlimited number of trips (you can hop on and off an unlimited number of times in the defined period).
- The ticket is not transferable.
- The Company will make every effort to run a regular and frequent service, but it does not guarantee to do so always. The company may not be held liable in any way by the user for loss, damage, inconvenience or delays as a result of any failures, alterations, suspensions, cancellations or closing of the route.
- It is forbidden to stand on the top floor of the bus when it is travelling. Do not use an umbrella.
- Complaints relating to tickets purchased from the official agents of the company and requests for refunds of the same, will have to be submitted to the agent that sold the ticket.

These conditions do not waive consultation of the general conditions of the company, since these conditions here in complement the general conditions.