Group Services
Enjoy the best of Portuguese gastronomy with friends and family. Contact us to know more about our special group services!

Terrace over the Douro River
Get to know our specialties in our magnificent terrace in front of the Douro River.


Restaurants were the first Douro Acima’s business, as ISSIMO, with the acquisition, more than three decades ago, of one of the oldest and well-known restaurants in the city of Porto – Chez Lapin. Currently, the group has three restaurants: Chez Lapin, Vitorino and Downing Street.

Chez Lapin, Vitorino and Downing Street Restaurant, function as a large family, welcoming a visitor, a customer, making them feel at home.


With licence since January 1938 and situated just in front of the Douro river, Chez Lapin is already a reference in the region, being a must visit for all the national gastronomy lovers.
The restaurant is endowed with a magnificent terrace and three rooms, each one full of personality and decorated with the memories of the countless clients that have passed through there for so many decades.
Chez Lapin Restaurant is well known for its gastronomic specialties: octopus and cod in the oven, steer with port wine, rabbit ‘a la’ Chez Lapin and many other dishes sought after by tourists from all over the world.
This house also has a beautiful terrace where the privileged view over the Douro River, the Port Wine Cellars, the Luis I bridge and Serra do Pilar, together with a friendly and welcoming service, make any meal a special and unforgettable moment.

Rua dos Canastreiros, 40/42, 4050-149 Porto |
00351 222 006 418 . 00351 91 955 81 61 | Daily, from 12h30 to 23h


Right next to Chez Lapin, Casa Vitorino welcomes anyone who visits with its elegant and hospitable atmosphere.
The room is decorated with numerous and curious objects that tell the story of many of the people who passed by and made a point of leaving their testimony.
The specialties are the same as the Chez Lapin, as well as the quality of the dishes served. With a capacity for up to 48 people, this is the perfect place to hold a lunch or dinner meeting with family and friends, as well as work and / or business meetings.

Rua dos Canastreiros, 40/42, 4050-149 Porto |
00351 222 006 418 . 00351 91 955 81 61 | Daily, from 12h30 to 23h


With a different concept, Downing Street revolutionized the group dining services in the early 1990s. With capacity for about 135 people, this decorated space with granite walls and retro tiles, offers privileged views to Serra do Pilar Monastery, Luís I bridge, the Douro River and the Port Wine Cellars.
The number 10 of the Ribeira Square opens exclusively to receive groups that are welcomed there, enjoying a high quality service. The decoration reveals the old features of the traditional Ribeira houses, also serving traditional menus composed by typical Portuguese dishes.

Praça da Ribeira nº 10, 4050-149 Porto |
00351 222 006 418 . 00351 91 955 81 61

DOURO ACIMA – Transportes, Turismo e Restauração

Rua dos Canastreiros 40/42,
4050-149 Porto, Portugal
Telephone: + 351 222 006 418
Fax: +351 222 008 856

Cais da Ribeira do Porto
41º 08′ 25.02” N, 8º 36′ 47.02”W


Company registered with the Commercial Registry of Porto Nº 5941/971120

- Tour Operator – License N. 8
- Tourist Animation Company
– Licence N. 28/2002
- Public National and International Passenger Road Carrier
– License N. 200321
- Tourist Maritime Operator License Nº 8, Tourist Animation Company – RNAAT Nº 28/2002

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